Upper eyelid correction

This procedure involves removing excess skin and any fatty tissue. It is very safe and straightforward.

To determine how much skin can be removed, as much skin as possible is gathered using tweezers without pulling the eye open. The amount of skin that can be gathered in this way is exactly the amount that is not needed, and this is carefully outlined.

The island of skin that has been outlined is removed, if necessary together with any protruding fatty tissue. The skin is closed using very fine stitches. The small scar that remains is in the crease of the eyelid, extending slightly at the sides towards the crow's feet. This scar usually becomes virtually invisible after a time.

This procedure is usually carried out under local anaesthetic, but total intravenous anaesthesia can be used if preferred. The operation takes about one hour and it is recommended to cool the area for a further hour to prevent swelling and bruising.

This procedure is often combined with a lower eyelid correction.

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