Protruding ears

Protruding ears can easily be corrected. In children it is best to wait until they are six years old. At this time they have not yet begun to be teased at school and the cartilage is strong enough to withstand the operation.

Due to the specific requirements governing anaesthesia, this procedure is carried out on adults, but not on children, at Artemedis.

In this operation, an area of skin is removed at the back of the ear. The cartilage is then approached from that point. Longitudinal scratches at the front of the cartilage cause the cartilage to spontaneously bend backwards.

A few absorbable stitches are placed in the cartilage and the skin is then closed. As a result only a scar remains at the back of the ear.
Probably the most troublesome aspect is the inevitable bandage. This is, however, particularly important. Cotton wool soaked in paraffin is used to press the skin of the ear closely against the cartilage. This stops blood or tissue fluid accumulating between the skin and cartilage.

The bandage can be removed after one week, but it is best to sleep with an elastic bandage around the ears for a further two months.
The stitches are removed after two weeks.

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