Endoscopic forehead lift

The forehead lift, also known as the brow lift, is intended to correct the position of the eyebrows after they have sagged over the years.

Four small incisions are made about one centimetre behind the front hairline. From there the whole forehead is released from the bone and lifted up to the desired level. To ensure that everything remains in the correct position during healing, the forehead is fixed to the bone using tiny absorbable screws. The skin on the scalp is closed using small staples, which can be removed after two weeks.

As a result no visible scar remains after this procedure.

During the first few days after the operation there is a chance of headache and some swelling. If eyelid swelling occurs this is usually around the third day.
A headache can be treated effectively using painkillers.
Some patients also report some hair loss after this operation. This is always temporary and the hair grows back again.

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