Double chin

When patients consult us about a double chin, this may be due to a number of different causes, and the treatment will vary accordingly.

Local accumulation of subcutaneous fat.  These patients often have extra fatty tissue at the angle of the jaw. A simple treatment for this is liposculpture, which is carried out via an incision a few millimetres below the chin. It is recommended to wear an elastic bandage around the head for one week after the treatment, to prevent swelling and bruising.

Sagging skin on the whole face. As well as the excess skin on the neck, there is also excess skin at the angle of the jaw and the fold between the nose and lips. The best way to remedy this is a facelift. In this procedure the skin is moved upwards and the scars are well hidden.

Sometimes the skin has sagged in a particular place and cannot be corrected, for example by lifting the skin of the face in front of a mirror. In that case the only possible treatment is local removal of the excess skin. A slip of skin is then removed in the midline. Since a longitudinal scar on the neck does not heal attractively, the skin is removed in such a way that it creates a zigzag line.  As always this scar will appear red for a few months, but afterwards it will be barely visible. This procedure limits the risk of a hypertrophic scar.

Sometimes there is almost no subcutaneous fat present and also no excess skin. In these people the floor of the mouth is naturally lower, and this is accentuated when bending the head forwards. Unfortunately there is no surgical treatment for this. If there is also a weak chin, a cosmetic improvement can often be achieved by fitting a chin implant.

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