Lower eyelid correction

A lower eyelid correction can be carried out separately or together with an upper eyelid correction. This operation is usually carried out under local anaesthetic, but it can also be done under total intravenous anaesthesia.

A lower eyelid correction is a treatment for excess skin and/or protruding fatty tissue on the lower eyelids.

An incision is made along the lower lash line. This incision is extended diagonally downwards at the sides. The skin is released from there. If there are bulges caused by protruding fatty tissue, the excess fat is removed.
The skin is then smoothed down – not stretched – and the overlapping skin is removed. At that point the skin edges are adjacent but not under any tension.

This prevents the lower eyelid being pulled downwards.
Like the upper eyelid, the skin is closed using very fine stitches supported by small, fine plasters. Both the stitches and the plasters must remain in place for one week.

A lower eyelid correction almost inevitably causes some bruising.
As time goes on the small scar becomes almost invisible.

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