Thigh lift

There is a difference between an inner and an outer thigh lift. An inner thigh lift remedies loose skin on the inner side of the thigh, while an outer thigh lift corrects a sagging buttock crease.

Inner thigh lift

In this operation, excess skin is removed in the shape of an elongated crescent, running from the buttock crease to the groin. To lift up the skin of the thigh, subcutaneous stitches have to be attached to the pubic bone and the sitting bone.
Due to these stitches, during the first few weeks after the operation it is not possible to sit upright, bend over or spread the legs widely. A patient must therefore be very committed to the operation.

The back of thigh lift

In this operation, excess skin above and below the existing buttock crease is removed and a new buttock crease is formed. The scar is usually hidden in the new buttock crease. The scar only continues slightly at the sides.

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