Liposculptuur / Liposuction

Liposculpture is different from the earlier technique of liposuction in that fluid is first inserted into the subcutaneous fat and the suction cannulae used are finer. Small skin incisions of three to five millimetres are used.

The infiltrated fluid is mainly saline water, containing local anaesthetic and a little adrenaline. This makes the fatty tissue come away more easily and greatly reduces bleeding. In the past patients would end up black and blue after liposuction, but there is hardly any bruising after liposculpture.

The ideal indication for liposculpture is a localised accumulation of fat. In young girls this is usually on the outer thigh and possibly also on the inner thigh and knee, while in older ladies it is usually around the abdomen and on the hips. In men it is also usually around the abdomen and hips.

Very often dieting results in weight loss where it is not wanted, e.g. on the face or breasts, while the fat in these unwanted locations remains. In that case liposculpture is the ideal solution.

If a healthy eating pattern is maintained, the results are permanent. In patients who do put on weight after liposculpture, fat accumulation is often seen in areas that were not treated and only to a much lesser extent in the areas that were treated.

Smaller areas can be treated with a local anaesthetic.

It is much more pleasant, however, to have this treatment under Total Intravenous Anaesthesia.

For very small areas such as a double chin or a small belly, lipolysis may be a useful alternative. This is a non-surgical treatment. It only requires a few months of patience before the end result is seen.

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