Fillers Radiesse

RadiesseĀ® is a long-lasting but non-permanent filler which is mainly used to correct volumes in the face. Typical applications are a deep nasolabial fold or marionette line (the line running downwards from the corners of the mouth), to improve the contours of the jaw, cheekbones or chin.

It can also be used to "rejuvenate" the backs of hands by creating more subcutaneous fullness.

RadiesseĀ® is composed of a gel (70%) and calcium-hydroxylapatite particles which are composed of calcium and phosphate ions just like our bone tissue (30%).

The gel is gradually broken down by the body and replaced by the body's own cells which fill the spaces between the solid particles. This ultimately results in a soft, flexible filling consisting of the body's own cells and hydroxyapatite particles. These particles are broken down naturally and very slowly.

Results from the treatment can be seen immediately and last for one to three years.

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