Nose reshaping

Nose reshaping is intended to improve the shape of the nose. Patients are usually bothered by a lump on the bridge of the nose. Others feel that their nose is too large, too long, too hooked or too wide.

To change the shape of the nose it is necessary to work on the cartilage and bone of the nose. This is done via a small incision inside the nose. As a result there is no visible scar.

To ensure that everything grows back together, it is essential to wear a plaster splint for two weeks. For two months after the operation the patient should avoid any activities that involve a risk of being hit on the nose.

A nose pack is used after the operation to press the mucous membranes back into the correct position. This remains in place for one night and is removed the next morning. During the first night you will therefore be unable to breathe through your nose.

If only a change to the shape of the nose tip is required, no shaping of the bone is required. This is therefore less invasive and a plaster splinter is not needed.
See nose tip correction.

Sometimes it is easier and more convenient to fill a small dip at the base of the bridge of the nose using an injectable gel rather than reshaping the whole skeleton of the nose with invasive surgery. These days we mainly use absorbable gels, usually those based on hyaluronic acid. See fillers.

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