Breform is the name of a soft, flexible polyester mesh in the form of a bra cup, with a cutaway section for the areola.

The research and clinical studies were carried out in South Africa and the mesh itself is produced in France. Before the product was launched on the European market, more than 200 women were treated and followed up for more than two years.

The mesh is inserted under the skin during a breast lift and attached all the way round.

As a result the breast derives its shape and support from the mesh, and no longer from the skin. During the first few months the mesh becomes embedded in a layer of connective tissue, which creates lasting support for the breast.

Since the skin is not under tension, the scars no longer have any tendency to expand. The great advantage, however, is that it prevents the breast from sagging again. After a traditional breast lift, the skin of the lower part of the breast will stretch again, allowing the breast tissue to sag so that the upper breast is less full. The nipple then seems to be too high in relation to the breast, but in fact the breast is too low in relation to the nipple. This phenomenon is known as "bottoming out". The extent to which this happens is unpredictable and varies from one patient to another.

The Breform mesh can only be used in non-smokers who no longer can or wish to become pregnant, and who want a B-cup or C-cup. It has been found that a D-cup is too heavy to be kept in place by a mesh of this kind.

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